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Teena Merry

Anthea Patel (She/Her)

A sixteen year old girl who is a romantic at heart. An only child born to wealthy (separated) parents, she's easily swept up into her own sense of wonder.
Charismatic and not easily perturbed, Anthea comes across as a collected and cool girl who is good at basically anything she tries.
Often she has a hard time saying what she means outright, and can come across as passive aggressive, a busybody, or presumptuous. Sometimes these interpretations are correct.

  • Japanese/Tamil
  • Likes botany, tea and biscuits, playing music (violin), romances and fairy tales, and Sicely.
  • Dislikes secondhand embarrassment-based humor, coffee, and going swimming.
Pipsie Squeakie

Sicely Mariposa (They/Them)

It might be strange to dress like a cowboy when you can't afford a horse, but that won't stop sixteen-year-old Sicely. They are practical-minded, argumentative, and quick
to think through the ramifications (perhaps too much so) of any problem they may face. Sicely can be a bit of a delinquent, and they have a petty foul mouth to boot.
That being said, where one is passionate in one walk of life, one is often passionate in others. So despite their rough-n-tumble personality, Sicely is an extraordinarily
tenacious person who cares deeply about their sense of justice and fairness. However, they think themself a coward.

  • Mexican-American.
  • Likes the western genre, zoology, playing music (acoustic guitar), writing poetry and lyrics, and Anthea.
  • Dislikes a fight they can't run away from, sweets, and pop music.

The Garden of Sorrow (It/Its, I guess)

Somewhere between the spaces in our world grows the Garden of Sorrow, a mysterious, ageless garden with strange, undocumented powers
where the sun is always setting and every day a fox's wedding. It bestows Privileges upon humans in its employ, which grant them
their magical powers and allow them to become Dancers-- so long as they have a dance partner. Lately its ability to remain unnoticed has been waning
for reasons it is not aware. Its greatest enemy is entropy.

  • Conservatory
  • Likes...Pollinators? Soil with appropriate pH? Gazebos?
  • Dislikes... I dunno, pesticides.
Goro Majima

Opal Schiller (He/Him)


Ari Hesper (She/Her)

Araceli Levin